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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Water Damage Repair .

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10 steps to saving your water damaged phone
1. Turn it off if, it isn’t already and hold it upright.

2. Remove any protective casing and, if your phone has them, remove your SIM and microSD cards from their slots.

3. Open up the back and remove the battery, SIM card(s) and microSD card if you are able to (note that this won’t be possible with all phone models).

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5220
If you can, remove the battery. / © ANDROIDPIT
4. Use a cloth, sleeve or paper towel to dab your phone dry. Avoid spreading the liquid around, because that could push it into more of the phone’s openings. Just soak up as much as possible.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5215
Tab the phone dry with a cloth. / © ANDROIDPIT
5. If the water damage is more extensive, you can use a vacuum to carefully suck out water stuck from the cracks that are harder to get at. Make sure any small parts, such as the microSD card, SIM card, or battery, are out of the way before attempting this.

6. Bury the phone in a ziplock bag full of uncooked rice. Rice is great for absorbing liquid and this is actually a common method for drying smartphones and tablets. You can also buy dedicated phone drying pouches, which are worth having at home if you’re the clumsy type. If you don’t have one at home, don’t bother going out to buy one. Indeed, time is of essence, so get your phone into rice as soon as possible.

7. Let your phone dry for a day or two. Do not be tempted to switch it on see if it still works. Put your SIM card in an old phone, or ask a friend or family if they have a spare that you can borrow.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5208
Let your phone dry for a day or two. / © ANDROIDPIT
8. After a couple of days, you can remove the phone from the rice back, insert the battery into the phone and switch the phone on.

9. If your phone doesn’t turn on, try charging it. If it doesn’t charge, the battery may be damaged. You could try a replacement battery, or consider taking your smartphone to a repair shop to be checked by a professional.

10. If your phone has turned on and it is running as it should, you should still keep a close eye on it for the next few days, to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Play some music to check the speakers and ensure the touch screen still responds as it should.

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