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I tried the Pixel 3 Google Camera on the Note 9. What a difference!!!!!

Let me tell you. The Google Pixel 3’s secret sauce is all in the camera software, and you can now put that sauce on your #NOTE9! LET ME TELL YOU, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

Original Reddit Thread:

This is for Note 9’s with Snapdragon (Exynos users can get it to. Search on XDA or Reddit)

Download link:

FYI, Do this at your own risk! I am not responsible if you mess your phone up. it’s easy and works great rho 🙂

Follow these instructions:

“As soon as you installed the application, make the following changes in the settings:
Quick settings-advanced-base – Interface = Pixel 3, back and front camera = Pixel 3 XL

Quick settings-advanced-Final JPG quality = 100%

Quick settings-advanced-Others – Enable “Google Photo”. (If you don’t have Google Photos app, you need to install for better processing experience.)

Quick settings-advanced-fix (others) – RAW format = RAW_SENSOR, viewfinder format = YUV_420_888. Also check the boxes for back level front camera and fix old WB grains

Important: Install latest Google VR service apk from here – (ONLY NECESSARY IF YOU LIKE THE VR STUFF)

After making above changes, open recent applications and force close the camera app. You’ll have perfectly working camera when you relaunch.

Quick settings-advanced-Portait – Enable Enhanced HDR+ (This makes your portraits high quality and more details)

Quick settings-advanced-Night Sight- Enable Alternative config if you’re on Pie or Pie beta

Quick settings-advanced-HDR-settings-Libs – Use custom by Eszdman/CSeUs for more natural processing

Quick settings-Minimal Smoothing – enable (useful if you don’t need very aggressive processing and if you have colored skin)

Quick settings-Advanced – Enable first 3 options.
When you open the camera app for the first time Remember to:
enable HDR+ and see the difference (on top menu)

Portrait Mode – On top left there is toggle to turn off face retouching.
Remember that the Portrait mode on rear camera works only when there is face of human or pets.

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The case I am using on my Note 9!!!!

Filmed on Sony a6300 (image quality from a6500 would be the same) with Sigma 16mm. Edited with Final Cut Pro X on 2017 5K Apple iMac 27″ 3.8GHz

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