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iPhone XS Max Hack – Single SIM Card to Physical Dual SIM Card

A physical dual-SIM iPhone XR/XS Max can be fascinating. However, only the special edition of the new iPhones for China supports two SIM card slots instead of eSIM technology. If you’ve ever wanted two phone numbers on one iPhone XR/XS Max, our video today, transform the regular nano-SIM slot of iPhone XS Max(American version) into a physical dual SIM version, could be the tutorial you want.

Please be noted that this video is made for technique exploring and sharing only. iPhone XS Max single card to dual card is actually a tough job. For those who are not good at logic board repairs, please look before you leap.

Tools Used:
iPhone XS Max Rework Station:
Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform:
Electron Microscope – Type 1:
5 in 1 Integrated Rework Station:
Cutting Nipper:
LCD Opening Pliers:
Solder Wick:
100g Solder Wire:
Rosin Soldering Flux:
Heat-resisting Adhesive Tape:
Straight Tweezer:
Curved Hook Tweezer:
Soft Brush:
Multifunctional PCB Holder for iPhone X:
Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar:
Stainless Steel BGA Scraper:

Free schematic tool:

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