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In this video the girls do a challenge — the last one to drop their phone gets to keep the iphone Xs. It’s a really exciting game and the girls have so much fun!

The daughter to win was not the one we had guessed would be the last one to hold on! So be sure to watch until the very end.

You might have seen some of these videos around the youtube. We watched the one with mr. beast and it was so funny!

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We are the Shumway family. This is our family vlog YouTube channel. We have such a fun family! We have 4 daughters: Taylor, Lexi, Brighton, and London. They are 13, 11, 9, and 7 years old. We have a son in heaven — Rockwell. Mom and Dad are Michelle and Ky.

This is a family-friendly and kid-friendly YouTube channel!!

We love doing challenges, we love laughing. We also make cool videos about school. We have all girls, too, which makes it so fun!

We vlog with the Canon M50 and the Canon 5d mark IV. (And sometimes our iPhones.)